Vibration Machine Buyer’s Guide

There are many different brands of vibration machines and they vary significantly in the marketplace. There are good machines, and also the bad imitations that may look similar but does not do what they are advertised and may actually harm you.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a vibration machine is to evaluate the company who you are dealing with. The person selling these machines to you should be able to advise you how vibration training works, its health benefits, and how the different vibrations compare to one another.

Another question to consider is whether or not there will be others using the vibration machine. Are the goals similar with them. Who would be the heaviest user. How often will the machine be used? To avoid issues with the machine purchased, you may want to consider purchasing a vibration machine that is durable enough for the number of users using it, and a company with a good record of producing quality products. There are different grades of machines and some are better suited then others to achieve different goals. Some machines are designed for home use only and using it in a professional setting will void its warranty. Others are deigned for fitness studios and spas and will stand up to abuse. Even if you’re using a vibration machine at home, don’t be shy considering a professional or commercial grade machine as the difference in price may be negligible.

Which Vibration Motion–Oscillation or Triplanar Vibration?

Oscillation Vibration Machine - WBV Whole Body Vibration
Oscillation Vibration

Our body responds to vibration differently and while some vibration types may be perfectly suited for an individual, it may not be suited for another. Pivotal vibration is a little more jarring then Lineal because Pivotal forces our body to go up higher and may push against the hip. It typically is great for general health and fitness, pain reduction, muscle relaxation, and lymphatic stimulation and drainage. Lineal vibration feels like a high speed massage and tires your muscle significantly faster and is better for muscle toning and strengthening, and fat burning.


Triplanar Vibration Machine - WBV Whole Body Vibration
Triplanar Vibration

The distance the vibration plate moves is usually very small so users with very sensitive joints and joint pains may find this vibration much more tolerable then Pivotal. Depending on what your ultimate goal is, you’ll have to decide which machine may be more suitable for you. Are you looking to lose weight, do you wish to improve your muscle strength or tone your muscles, do you need more energy, do you have poor circulation and wish to improve it, are you recovering from an injury, are you seeking for ways to relieve pain, do you need to improve your balance. Maybe you have concerns about osteoporosis and want to strengthen your bones? Once you have answered these questions, then you will be more informed in making your decision to determine which vibration machine to purchase.


Some vibration machines are portable and do not come with a handlebar system. A good question to ask yourself is: Do I need to hold onto something for stability? If your answer is yes, you would need to consider how strong of a handlebar system you require. Some machines are designed specifically to allow users to put 60-80% of their weight on the bars, whereas, others are merely there for stability and do not recommend you to push or lean too heavily on the handles.

Platform Size

Vibration machines come in various size, shapes, and form. Depending on what you are using it for, you may choose to purchase a machine with a really wide platform size, or a narrow one. Maybe you want to be able to just stand on the platform, or perhaps you need to work on the upper body and will be doing Shoulder Presses or Push-ups. Wider platforms allows the user to perform more complex exercises that may involve laying on the platform such as those involving core exercises. Choosing a platform with a good size will allow you to work on and perform more exercises on the particular platform plate. Some platforms use a hard, non-slip surface that may be uncomfortable standing on with your bare feet, whereas, others use a rubberized mat which make the contact much more bearable.

Accessories and Warranty

What is included with the wbv vibration machines? Generally, many vibration machines come with certain accessories, and others do not. These may include arm straps for upper body exercises, exercise posters, training videos, and foam pads, or mats. Arm straps can be very useful in increasing the metabolism and burning rate of calories while standing on the vibration machine. There are usually two types, resistance band-types, or non-stretchable types. Resistance band-type hand straps do not transfer the vibration from the platform upwards towards the body. It relies on the user’s core muscles and major muscle groups to extend these bands fully. Non-stretchable types must be held tight when used and transfers the vibration from the platform upwards through the straps and into the upper body, skipping the hip which may reduce the vibrations felt in the upper body. Posters and training DVDs are very useful especially when you first being vibration training. They can be used as references for the exercise positions you could perform to work certain parts of your body. Some machines come with extra foam pads or mats to help dampen the vibrations you feel or to make it more comfortable when laying down on the machine to do core exercises.

Motor size and output

All machines should have a motor rating that is comparable to other machines made by other manufacturers. Beware of the ones that have a rating that is not standard (ex. Ricco) as they are meaningless and can’t be compared against other vibration machines. Depending on the type of vibration machine, some machines have two motors to control two separate vibration types and some are limited to just one motor. The size and power output of a motor is an important feature. Generally, the higher the output, the more powerful a motor is and the easier it is for the motor to do its job in providing the user with the correct vibration levels. Stronger motors are usually smoother because it doesn’t need to work as hard. Whereas, an underpowered motor may get overworked and overheat–leading to premature failure.

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